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Published by admin September 21,2019

LIGHTUP NZ Limited is a manufacturer and supplier of LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting products, which is an electronic energy saving industry. They offer a wide range of LED lighting solutions for residential, commercial, industrial and other lighting needs, providing high quality and mercury free products while reducing power costs and improving the environment.

This New Zealand customer has been maintaining it for eight years now.


I remember that when I placed the order for the first time, I also talked about it for a long time. Finally, we found out that the original line standard of the customer is on our side. The difference is very big. The core wire diameter of their side is smaller than ours. The most important factor affecting the price of the wire is copper. It is no wonder that the price will vary greatly. Later, according to the data they provided, the price was much lower. They were very satisfied. After a month, they brought their samples to Shenzhen to meet us. We also brought them a sample of them. They have seen it very much. Satisfied, after returning, the order is placed directly, and it is still a one-time full payment. The other side has always been very trusting. Every year, I will basically take time to visit the factory. I will stay here for a few days to understand some problems of the product, and then Let's go play together nearby. Finally, go back.