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Published by admin September 21,2019


AppsTech Global Support (AGS) is a full-featured support solution for Oracle Database and Oracle E-Business Suite. They provide 24 x 7 x 365 on-site, remote and hosted support for companies around the world.


At that time, when they found us, they were buying low-smoke and halogen-free PVC wires. Just when our company had done it, after asking about the price, we felt that the price was reasonable. We ordered it with us. It may be because the original quantity was small. So the whole process is basically smooth. Later, we also actively asked customers about the use of wire rods, and customers also reported good results.


                                                                                       customer photo

Perhaps the first order was very smooth, so the customer was very impressed with us. Later, after the contact, we were satisfied with our wire quality and service, and now we have a good relationship.

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