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Led Lighting partner


Published by admin September 21,2019

This customer was introduced in February this year by an old customer who is mainly engaged in the LED industry in Australia.

Perhaps it is because the acquaintance introduced it, the customer trusts us a little. This time, the customer wants to purchase a large number of models, and each model has several specifications. Each specification requires several colors, but the number is correspondingly small. After communicating with customers, they are also very happy to agree. We did it with our minimum order quantity, and then they all reported the price to them. They were very satisfied with the price. Later, after talking for two months, they sent a batch of samples and our engineers also checked carefully. Their samples, found that the quality is similar to ours, the copper core structure is basically the same, even our pvc raw materials are better than the customer's sample. Finally, after confirming the price with the customer, there was no problem. I thought it was basically finalized. Later, the customer suddenly asked for the Australian SAA certification. Because the orders in Australia were basically few, our company did not do SAA certification. If you don't have this certification, you don't plan to order it, and we have to weigh this. If we do this certification, we will not make any money, and we will have to pay for it. We will not guarantee that Australia has a stable customer source in the future. I will not consider doing this certification. Originally thought that this order basically flowed away, but we still actively communicate with customers, explain our situation here, and discuss solutions with customers, and finally this customer proposed to do this certification themselves, we directly provide products just fine. Fortunately, I met such a good customer. At the end of the discussion, the customer made a deposit. After we produced the samples, we sent them samples for certification. Finally, they were all qualified. The customers also expressed their satisfaction. They paid the final payment directly and found the freight forwarder to pick up the goods at our factory.

                                                                   Wires purchased by customer


This bumpy experience shows that it is a lucky thing to meet a good customer, but communication with customers is really important. Communication is a bridge between you and your customers.