Welding Machine Cable

Welding Machine Cable

Electric welding machine cable

Electric welding machine cable

Product Specification:
  • Wire type: RVS (copper conductor PVC insulated and twisted wire)
  • Wire specification: 2 *1 mm² rated voltage
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[Electric welding machine cable type]

1, rubber sheath electric welding machine cable: 60245 YH 81 (IEC)

2, chloride butyl or other equivalent synthetic elastomer rubber sleeve electric welding machine cable: 60245 IEC 82 (YHF)

Specific parameter


Cable specifications
Max Outside Diameter
The maximum value of the conductor DC resistance at 20(Ω/km) Approximate weight
10 9.7 1.91 151
16 11.5 1.16 226
25 13 0.758 325
35 14.5 0.536 434
50 17 0.379 602
70 19.5 0.268 826

[Cable characteristics]
       Commonly known as electric welding cable welding wire, which belongs to the rubber insulated cable cable specifications, is used for electric welding machine two secondary side wiring and electrode holder, welding connection cable, which is characterized by: high current, low voltage. The sheath material is made of natural rubber or rubber mixture, and the rubber compound jacket has the properties of heat resistance, oil resistance and flame resistance.
       Welding cables are single core conductor for oxygen free copper, copper wire diameter, root number, generally consists of a plurality of copper stranded wires, and is composed of a plurality of strands of stranded conductors, so welding cable line body coarse copper, hundreds of root. Conductor outsourcing a layer of heat resistant polyester film insulation. Cable type YH, insulation and sheath is a layer thickness above 1.8mm, material for natural rubber mixtures; cable type YHF has two kinds of covering layer, is a chloroprene rubber mixture, the other is a mixture of rubber as insulation with chloroprene rubber mixture as sheath.

At present, the internationally popular electric welding machine cable is also basically a rubber cable, the cable prices are relatively low.

[Applicable environment]

        Long term operation temperature of electric welding machine cable should not exceed 70

  Applicable to the two side of the AC voltage is not more than 200V and pulse peak 400V electric welding machine with two side connection and connection welding clamp.

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