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VV cable

VV cable

Product Specification:
  • VV cable model: 0.6/1KV copper core PVC PVC insulated power cable VV cable
  • VV cable origin: Shenzhen Ji Xing wire & Cable Co., Ltd
  • VV cable standard: This product is produced according to 5013-2008 GB/T standard
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Wire and cable model specification sheet (VV cable specification sheet)

VV cable specifications VV 3芯 VV4芯 VV5芯 VV3+1芯 VV3+2芯 VV4+1芯
Wire specification 3x2.5 4x1.5 5x1.5 3x2.5+1x1.5 3x2.5+2x1.5 4x2.5+1x1.5
3x4 4x2.5 5x2.5 3x4+1x2.5 3x4+2x2.5 4x4+1x2.5
3x6 4x4 5x4 3x6+1x4 3x6+2x4 4x6+1x4
3x10 4x6 5x6 3x10+1x6 3x10+2x6 4x10+1x6
3x16 4x10 5x10 3x16+1x16 3x16+2x10 4x16+1x10
3x25 4x16 5x16 3x25+1x16 3x25+2x16 4x25+1x16
3x35 4x25 5x25 3x50+1x25 3x35+2x25 4x35+1x16
3x70 4x35 5x35 3x70+1x35 3x50+2x25 4x50+1x25
3x95 4x50 5x50 3x95+1x50 3x70+2x35 4x70+1x35
3x120 4x70 5x70 3x120+1x70 3x95+2x50 4x95+1x50
3x150 4x95 5x95 3x150+1x70 3x120+2x70 4x120+1x70
3x185 4x120 5x120 3x185+1x95 3x150+2x70 4x150+1x70
3x240 4x150 5x150 3x240+1x120 3x185+2x95 4x185+1x95
3x300 4x185 5x185 3x300+1x150 3x240+2x120 4x240+1x120
3x400 4x240 5x240 3x400+1x185 3x300+2x150 4x300+1x150
  4x300 5x300   3x400+2x185  

[VV cable characteristics] PVC copper core PVC insulated VV 0.6/1KV cable has the following characteristics:

1, VV cable is a PVC insulated PVC sheathed power cable, although in life rarely seen, but he has made a great contribution to our production and life;

2, VV cable has been judged: confuse the VV cable and YJV cable, is actually very good recognition, VV PVC insulated cables at the darker color, while the YJV crosslinked polyethylene insulation layer is translucent, look at the cross section is clear.

[VV cable use environment]

1, this product is applicable to the power frequency rated voltage 0.6/1KV and the following distribution network or the installation of industrial equipment for the installation of.

2, the power frequency rated voltage of 0.6/1KV is Uo/U.

3, VV cable conductor to allow the maximum operating temperature of 70

VV the ambient temperature should not be less than 0.

4, VV cable bending radius is not less than 10 times the diameter of the cable.

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